t.g.i. mixtape 95
    • FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 2011

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    Although Mixtape 95 doesn't come with solitaire, it does come with a ton of features, like the unbridled joy of a new Strokes song, or the unexpected obession with hearing anything Phantogram is doing. No blue screen of death today, folks. Let's Recycle Bin this Friday and get the frag out of here (sorry, everyone).

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    1. "Under Cover Of Darkness" - The Strokes - Angles

    Big news this week: two Lollapalooza 2010 headliners release singles, and this is the one that means more to us. This is the first new Strokes music in five years, off their forthcoming album, and our iTunes playcount is already embrassing.

    2. "Set Fire To The Rain" - Adele - 21

    Pipes. 21 is out 2/22.

    3. "Get Away" - Yuck - Yuck

    Don't judge a band by its name... these guys landed on our desks and we were struck by their infectiously fuzzy hooks. Doesn't it feel a little more 90s in here? Their self-titled record is out next week.

    4. "Black Sheep" - Metric - Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World OST

    In case you watched our interview with Emily Haines and were curious about the song they wrote... we watched Scott Pilgrim recently and instantly recognized the chops of Metric. The OST is available now.

    5. "Distance" - Beach Fossils - Distance/Face It

    Because we need a little more summer in our lives (especially in NY), here's a late 2010 Beach Fossils single.

    6. "Rain Of Gold" - Young Empires - Demo

    A Canadian trio on the rise, Young Empires are starting to stir audiences on both sides of the Atlantic. Queue flattering nods from the likes of NME, Nylon, The Gaurdian, and well...us. We've read the band dub their sound world beat haute rock. Sure... We can tell you "Rain of Gold" is a tropical blast dance floor fun.

    7. "Stamp" - The Rural Alberta Advantage - Departed

    Just in time for V-Day, an angsty first cut off RAA's upcoming sophomore album Departed (out 3/1). The guy from the video definitely will be chanting "I don't need you", that's for sure.

    8. "When I'm Small" - Phantogram - Eyelid Movies

    Phantogram play funky space rock that doesn't need anyone's approval (but has ours, tenfold). Eyelid Movies is out now.

    9. "Hearts" - Blair - Die Young

    Just in time for V-Day, a nicer approach to the happy-go-lovey matters of the hearts (and appropriately titled). This track is adorning some Brooklyn sleeves, that's for sure. Die Young is available and totally has rainbows on the cover.

    10. "Night Air" - Jamie Woon - Mirrorwriting

    Like countrymen James Blake, Jamie Woon is a young, singer, songwriter, and producer specializing in an icy brand of electronic dubstep. "Night Air" is the most popular example of his work; deep and a bit foreboding, with nocturnal bits of programming and Woon's choice crooning at the head of it all. Woon's debut album is entitled Mirrorwriting and is to be released on 4/4 via Polydor Records.

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