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    • FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 2011

    • Posted by: Siobhan Fludder

    "Born This Way", the first single from Lady Gaga's upcoming album of the same name, hit the internets this morning with the same vigor of a fourth of July firework that accidentally speeds off into the ocean instead of lighting up the sky. While this kind of track is definitely not unexpected from Lady Gaga, it is a little surprising that she has chosen this as the first single to kick off her highly anticipated sophomore album. Whether a fan of her or not, I think we all expected more than such a typical dance number to follow the iconic sounds of "Bad Romance". What set Lady Gaga apart from artists like Cher and Kylie Minogue in the first place were the tracks that reflected a deeper brilliance than catchy beats and a talented voice, but frankly, "Born This Way" lacks this originality that she is known for.

    Without a doubt, this will probably be a favorite Gaga track for many of her fans, but it does not hold the same promise for the general public. While the song does an excellent job of expressing the message it set out to promote, and though the music is uplifting and fun, it is definitely out of place in Lady Gaga's long list of successful singles. The thumping beat is about generic as it gets, and the lyrics border on straight-up corny. Hopefully this was just an artistic choice that she felt she had to make, and does not depict the direction within the rest of the album. Lady Gaga had an opportunity to show that she can do more than just create incredibly catchy dance numbers, but with "Born This Way", she didn't take it.

    The full album will be out on May 23rd, and for now you can click here to listen to newly released single: "Born This Way", which is available for download on iTunes.

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