james murphy vs. stubhub
    • FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 2011

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    Maybe Karl Marx was right. The woes of capitalism are deterring our ability to enjoy our beloved, live performers in an economically reasonable manner. Following the presale of LCD Soundsystem's April 2nd performance at MSG, the ticket resale site, StubHub.com, began selling the show at incredibly inflated prices. A no-holds-barred, Twitter brawl between James Murphy and StubHub has commenced.

    The tickets are currently ranging from $140-900! Murphy stated via his Twitter account, "No matter what we do, it is not worth that kind of money to see us!" The musician shares the anger of his followers. "I pretty much guarantee 'fans' aren't pricing these tickets," Murphy stated and described the process as being "barely legal".

    StubHub brushed off the fervor by Tweeting, "Part of being a marketplace that connects buyers and sellers is giving the fans the freedom to price tickets however they want." Murphy directly replied, "eat shit."

    "I'm going to eat dinner and try not to punch a stranger in the face," Murphy tweeted at the height of the dispute, "Sorry this is a clusterf*ck. We will still have fun with you anyway."

    It's refreshing to see a performer speak out against this persistent manipulation of the ticket purchasing process. This legal form of scalping is out of control. A call for a boycott would be feasible, but the disposable income of Bieber and Gaga fans will continue to screw our broke, indie community.

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