new music video: jonsi
    • THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 2010

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    Not unlike the rhythmic pounce that powered Sigur Ros' lead to Med sud I eyrum vid spilum endalaust (that would be "Gobbledigook" all that?), the first song/video to surface from front man Jonsi's upcoming solo release features a multitude of sampled skirmishes, all firing and misfiring, getting clipped, and running backwards into a heartbeat pulse that really makes "Go Do" gallop. Also worth noting, the song's in ENGLISH, though seriously...our ears are way beyond picking anything out. It seems with Jonsi/Sigur Ros it'll always be about tuning out lyrical specifics and connecting on a more abstract level...which is why he/they are so brilliant, of course.

    Directed by Ami and Kinski, the video for "Don't Go" echoes the tune's running-back-to-nature kind of feel, with images of Jonsi perched atop trees, draped over the crest of a cliff, and messing about by the sea. Oh, and there's feathers. - David Pitz

    Go will be released April 6th via XL Recordings.

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