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    Here at Baeble, we don't need to be sold on just how well the songs from Delta Spirit's '08 album Ode to Sunshine translate live in the flesh. Actually, we've spent the last couple months doing the selling ourselves. You might recall we ventured all the way to Texas to catch the band last Fall, coming back with a flawless performance for the site in tow.

    But Baeble isn't the only ones trumping these guys. Seems more and more folks have caught the spirit; the latest being the iTunes store. To our surprise and delight, the band is currently featured prominently on the sites' homepage. Turns out the San Diego rock and rollers recorded one of them Live in Soho EPs...always a nice way to provide a little something extra for the true blue fans. You know we picked it up. You should too. - David Pitz

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    VIDEO: Delta Spirit:: Live at the Parish - Austin, TX
    Delta Spirit on Myspace

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