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    • MONDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 2008

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    For only their second US show to date, much ballyhooed Swedish band I´m from Barcelona brought 20 members plus to McCarren Park for a ruckus Sunday afternoon pool party. And while some might find it easy to argue that the massive band thing is getting a tad overdone, it is hard to deny the fact that every one of Barcelona’s members chip in to help furnish their nifty cheerleading sound, not to mention contribute to the wildly dynamic performance. Just try and keep up with these kids. While they rollick through “We’re From Barcelona”, “Oversleeping”, “Treehouse”, and “The Painter”, you’ll get lost in a sea of balloons, confetti, bear costumes…hey wait, is that Steve Zissou?...oh, and crowd surfing. In this exciting, 30-minute blitz of footage, Baeble’s Allison Hagendorf takes viewers from the front of the house to the back, in what was truly one of the hottest performances of last summer.
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    VIDEO: I'm From Barcelona:: “The Green Room”

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