Watch Charli XCX Literally 'Bounce' in New Live Song Debut
    • FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    We've said in the past that Charli XCX is losing her mind, and her latest performance of her brand new track "Bounce" only solidifies this idea. Fans were able to hear ripped versions of the track on the internet, but she officially teased it on Jimmy Kimmel Live earlier this week.

    The visuals that accompanied the performance were nothing short of wild and crazy - a white, furry top and bottoms, white balloons, a furry microphone, an unconscious human prop passed out in the back, and white, furry walls, and I couldn't stop thinking about that scene in Get Him To The Greek where Russell Brand tells paranoid Jonah Hill to "stroke the furry wall":

    But in all seriousness, Charli is fully embracing her nightlife side. If who you are is a party girl who likes to rage every night, then why not make a record that will let you and your fans do just that every single night? In the wise words of Charli, "If you're in Paris, if you're in London, if you're in New York, bounce bounce."

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