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    • THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 2011

    • Posted by: Siobhan Fludder

    From their fifth full length album, Together, The New Pornographers' have debuted a music video for "Moves" starring an NBC-heavy cast portraying various characters, including every member of the band. Current and former cast members from Saturday Night Live (Horatio Sanz, Bill Hader), Community (Donald Glover), the familiar faces of Paul Rudd and Kevin Corrigan, as well as many others act out this heavily exaggerated portrayal of The New Pornographers' musical journey. The video's facetious nature is more reminiscent of an SNL digital short featuring Lonely Island than a music video for an indie band, but the comedic value only enhances the catchy track.

    The video chronicles the lonely life of a red headed Canadian who just wants to play guitar, eventually forms a band, and gets caught up in basically every cliche that threatens to plague a rock star (cocaine-filled dressing rooms, money mongering music executives, and bathtubs full of cash included). Though the video jokingly parodies the band's fictitious personalities to be of ridiculous value, this ability to laugh at oneself only enhance's The New Pornographer's credibility as artists who are likeable as well as talented.

    Together is out now, and be sure to check out this video for "Moves" to listen to the song and get some laughs! the music video...

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