12 Songs to Describe Each Zodiac Sign
    • THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 01, 2018

    • Posted by: Emma Dugas

    Whether you believe in horoscopes or not, everyone is secretly interested in their sign and the personality traits that come along with it. I mean, what are the odds that you're a super moody person AND a cancer? It's not coincidence, it's in the stars.

    Because every zodiac sign is so unique in its own way, we thought it'd be a fun idea to pick a song that perfectly describes each of the twelve signs. We've got our zodiac experts in, and they've got your perfect music match.

    ARIES: "Hot Dad Calendar" - Cayetana

    Aries, you are so strong and confident. You are full of fire and ready to kick anyone's ass that looks at you or your friend the wrong way. You are loyal to the ends of the earth. Sometimes you don't always recognize your strength. Here comes "Hot Dad Calendar." It is the perfect song for you because it has as much bravery and strength in it as you do. This is perfect to fuel your fire.

    TAURUS: "Pin" - Grimes

    Taurus, you are incredibly reliable, which is what makes you such a good friend. You are always there ready to help a pal out in any situation because you are so devoted. This song was totally written for you, Taurus. Its extreme positivity and devotional lyrics are perfect to sum up all your loving and faithful qualities. Just remember to love yourself too.

    GEMINI: "Sweet Talk" - Saint Motel

    Oh Gemini, everyone thinks because you are a twin, because you are a little two-faced. However, you are incredibly kind. You treat everyone with care and respect. You are often talking to everyone at the party because you're just so curious about the human experience. This song is perfect for you because it features both sides of you. It represents the fire and the sweet, idealistic side.

    CANCER: "First Day of My Life"- Bright Eyes

    Hey there, Cancer. Let's be real, you're a little emotional, but that's not a bad thing. It means you're sympathetic, which is a strong trait to have. You are always trying to see it from someone else's point of view. You're also a hopeless romantic. Here is a cute love song for you to cry to.

    LEO: "Everybody Wants to be Famous" - Superorganism

    Leo, you are the ruler of the Sun. You are creative and warm. People are captivated by the energy you give off. You are a fun-loving and happy person. This bop is perfect for you because you probably want to be famous. Let's be real, you do love to steal the show.

    VIRGO: "I'll See You When We're Not So Emotional" - American Football

    You are often worried about how everyone is feeling. Take some time to just listen to some music and chill. Virgos are very level-headed. Because of this, you deserve some math rock in your life to shake things up a bit. Maybe "I'll See You When We're Not So Emotional" will be the new sound track to all those deep thoughts that swirl around your head late at night.

    LIBRA: "Lost In My Mind" - The Head and The Heart

    Libra, you are known for seeing all sides of the problem. You like to give people the benefit of the doubt. You are seen in the zodiac as the peace keeper. You want everyone to just get along and work it out. Sometimes, you get lost in your own head with your own indecisiveness and imagination, so this song is perfect for you. Next time you just want to tune the world out put on this easy breezy song and get lost.

    SCORPIO: "Cannibal Queen"- Miniature Tigers

    Scorpio, you are the protector of the group. You are passionate and confident. You are driven by love and will stick your neck out for anyone near and dear to you. This song is for you because it is all about going after love instead of waiting for it to come to you.

    SAGITTARIUS: "Ideal World" - Girlpool

    You're an idealist and because of this, you are not always very practical. However, you are very kind and generous. You have a big heart and extend it to everyone. This song is a good one for you with lyrics like, "tranquilize me with your ideal world." You may be an idealist, Sagittarius, but your ideal world might be a better one.

    CAPRICORN: "Seashore" - The Regrettes

    You are very spiritually strong, Capricorn. You have a lot of self control and you have a strong sense of self. You don't let others persuade you, and we haven't even gotten into how independent you are. This song is great for you because it is strong, just like you. With lyrics like "I'm not like anybody else," it speaks to your inherit individuality.

    AQUARIUS: "Link in the Bio" - Diet Cig

    Aquarius, you are all about making the world a better place, and that's exactly why we all love you. You attract all kinds of people with your brains and creativity. You are bubbly and fun to be around. This song is for you because it's all about you tuning out the haters and taking over the world.

    PISCES: "Lisztomania" - Phoenix

    You're very musical and artistic. You love to put on a show for everyone with your creative talents. This song is great for you it's all about the mania music can put you in and as a creative you are familiar with that feeling.

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