Maggie Rogers Releases One Take Video for 'On + Off'
    • WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 01, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    It's everyone's fantasy to wear pink eyeshadow, dress up like Elvis, and star in their very own, one-take music video. Maggie Rogers is officially living the dream.

    We know that there's a lot of unnoticed hard work that goes on behind the scenes, but to fans around the world, it looks like Rogers is simply having the time of her life. She got discovered by Pharrell Williams, gained hundreds of thousands of fans basically overnight, and now she's touring the country (all shows are 100% sold out) and dancing around without her newly-signed label telling her what to do. She's strongly encouraged to be her free-spirited self and she's getting massive amounts of praise for it - rightfully so.

    The video, filmed in one take and directed by frequent collaborator Zia Anger, features all of the above: pink eyeshadow, an Elvis costume, and dancers dressed in neon costumes. We see Rogers subtly take on a few outfit changes as she frolics around with props and sings along to the song; most importantly, it looks like Rogers is having the time of her life. And her radiant positivity is infectious.

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