Baeble's Top 10 Music Videos Of The Month
    • WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 01, 2017

    • Posted by: Jack Labbe

    January 2017 was a really good month for music videos. Fur coats, reptile people, horses, and kid cops destroying a cop car are just a few of the details that you'll need to brace yourself for. Let's hope that February keeps the videos coming!

    10. "Darling" - Real Estate (Dir. Weird Days)

    Real Estate finally gave us what we were asking for: new music. This video however gave us something we never asked for that we never knew we needed: a background pony.

    9. "A Little Uncanny" - Conor Oberst (Dir. Josh Rawson)

    In this adorable faux home video, we get to watch a young Conor Oberst mess things up amid 80's aesthetic goodness.

    8. "Going To A Town (Rufus Wainwright Cover)" - Lily Allen (Dir. BAFIC)

    The one thing that defined this month was the inauguration of President Trump. This was a dark moment for so many people across the globe. Lily Allen's video for "Going To A Town" depicts this darkness, while also giving us a tinge of hope.

    7. "Kick Jump Twist" - Sylvan Esso (Dir. Mimi Cave)

    Sylvan Esso is of those bands that you can't just bob your head to, you have to really commit if you're planning on dancing at all. This stunning visual gives us an idea of the correct way to dance to their music.

    6. "Tomorrow" - Delicate Steve (Dir. Brendan McHough)

    What better way to see the country than on a segway? Beautiful landscapes, from sea to shining sea, cruising, on a segway. This visual reminds me of the "Run Forrest, run!" scene from Forrest Gump, except on a segway. Thank you Delicate Steve for this segway filled epic.

    5. "I'm Better" ft. Lamb - Missy Elliott (Dir. Dave Meyers & Missy Elliott)

    Not only is Missy back, she's back with a banger. She has always had a knack for music videos and "I'm Better" is a great addition to this legacy. The dance moves, the costumes, the underwater pool scene, everything adds up to tell us that Missy is still so much "better" than us.

    4. "Internal World" - Cloud Nothings (Dir. Jonny Look)

    Cloud Nothings just released Life Without Sound which is my favorite rock album of the year so far. Their video for "Internal World" is highly entertaining and also quite informative! If you are struggling to blend into the human world, the "Department Of Human Being Assimilation" has got some handy tips for you...

    3. "T-Shirt" - Migos (Dir. Daps & Quavo)

    There's a reason you can't avoid Migos at the moment, everything they touch turns to gold. Co-directed by Migos member Quavo, this music video reminds me of something out of Game Of Thrones. I really hope that all-fur outfits become a trend because I'm really into it.

    2. "(No One Knows Me) Like The Piano" - Sampha (Dir. Jamie-James Medina)

    "(No One Knows Me) Like The Piano" is one of those songs that leaves an impact on your day after listening. The video makes Sampha's ballad for his late mother even more powerful, as a woman dissolves in front of his eyes. This video was released yesterday along with a VR version, that lets you look 360 degrees around Sampha's piano and surroundings.

    1. "Wyclef Jean" - Young Thug (Dir. Ryan Staake)

    If you haven't seen this video by now, stop reading this and just press play. This is one of the most unorthodox and controversial videos I've seen in awhile. Some are saying that the video sells "Wyclef Jean" short and makes fun of Thugger, but honestly I've have never been more captured by a video before. I was so obsessed with seeing what was going to happen next that I forgot the song was even playing. Music video making is an artform that doesn't need to rely on a song or play by it's rules, it can exist of it's own accord, which this video executes perfectly.

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