Hall of Shame: An Open Letter To Chief Keef
    • MONDAY, FEBRUARY 01, 2016

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    Dear Chief Keef...let's have a chat. First of all, "I Don't Like" is that good s***. It was one of the only legit tracks on Cruel Summer. You got the Kanye West seal of approval at a stupidly young age. But I gotta ask...what the f*** happened with you? It isn't even a question of have you released a good track since "I Don't Like" (you haven't), but have you even dropped a good bar? A single, solitary great verse? We're skeptical. And when was the last time you weren't in trouble with the law? Maybe if you weren't pissing off half of Chi-town every couple months, you'd find time to release a decent track. And now your latest stunt is another bridge too far.

    Over the weekend, you tweeted the address of a trio of young women in Minneapolis and encouraged your followers to egg their homes. At the risk of being overdramatic about this, what the f*** is wrong with you? The women have claimed that they have no clue why Keef would implore his fans to do this and had to ask for police security to ensure that their home wasn't assaulted by Keef fans.

    There's no possible excuse for this sort of behavior. You're a man with over one million Twitter followers. There's no easy way for me to measure how many of them live in the Twin Cities, but considering your roots in the Midwest hip-hop scene, there are probably plenty. And you're using your position of power to harass young women? Why? What could that possibly accomplish?

    There's a lot to unpack here. The way people with power often use the platform of social media to mobilize an army of harassers against women/PoC/LGBT folks, a broader American culture that looks the other way at the abuse of women, and the various ways that the patriarchy makes the very act of being a woman unsafe in a multitude of ways. And you have reinforced every single one of these problems Chief Keef, and as of today, you haven't apologized for your actions although you've taken down the original tweet. Shame on you.

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