the guest apartment: funeral party
    • TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 01, 2011

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    It's curious Funeral Party's debut album Golden Age Of Knowhere leads with a song entitled "New York City Moves To The Sound Of LA". We're all for these Southern Californians' love of city, but they clearly boast a style that reminisces from roots laid in our own hometown. Personally, its visions of The Ramones, The Strokes, The Rapture, and LCD Soundsystem hitting the dance floor all at once that bobs about in my head as the album cycles through.

    It's what Funeral Party do with these queues that then make their sound their own, dirtying their tunes in an aggressive and obvious West Coast intensity. After all, the band is the product of the East LA neighborhoods they call home. Interestingly enough, a dig into their background reveals a gig in which rival gang members once got a little stabby during a performance of the aforementioned track. That's um...certainly moving to the sound of LA.

    Not that any of this matters of course. Funeral Party's sound is their sound...and it's a damn good one to boot. Golden Age Of Knowhere is an absolute firebomb collection of dance punk, burning along on sloppy swings of the hi hat, and most notably, the sweaty bravado of singer Chad Elliot. It's explosive and exciting; a sound aimed for global, dance hall domination. It's also probably exhausting...which helps explain the more restrained characteristics of our latest segment of The Guest Apartment.

    Captured after what was clearly a long night of CMJ revelry, the band showed up for an acoustic Rockwood Session that while pleasantly surprising in its' make up, is not completely out of character. Golden Age Of Knowhere comes packaged with a number of restrained compositions, making this segment of The Guest Apartment a great example of how those songs came to be. It's simple and endearing; a rare look at a very loud band taking the opportunity to outfit their sound in an acoustic finishing. Please enjoy this unique and dynamic look at one of the most explosive new rock bands going.

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    The Guest Apartment: Funeral Party

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