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    • TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 01, 2011

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    Remember when Coca-Cola pulled their original formula off the shelf, replacing it with a disaster of a new product called New Coke? How about the time Pepsi overhauled the Tropicana design, so much so that no one could even recognize their all-time favorite OJ sitting right before them on the shelf?

    Yup, corporate history is full of stories of companies embarking on some rather disastrous marketing moves, overhauling classic products without obviously getting the relevant feedback before doing so. It's something we'd like to avoid as we contemplate embarking on some minor changes of our own. So before we do, we're curious what you, our beloved Baeblemusic users, think about a few features on our Video Pages. So we threw together a quick survey for you, and would feel very much obliged if you took a minute or two to fill it out. We've even thrown in a nice freebie for your participation.

    Thank you so so much! From the bottom of our music loving hearts.


    The Baeble Team

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