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    • MONDAY, FEBRUARY 01, 2010

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    LORDY. Most people who know us already know we're itching like crazy for this record to be out on the streets so we can encourage our grandmothers to send one to every cousin in the family (or is that just me?). Odd Blood has been called "front-heavy", yes, but anyone who denies the upbeat, quirky "Mondegreen" or the pensive chants of "Gizelda" is dumb. Quote me. The good news is O.N.E. made the rounds on the internet (legitimately) last week, so add it to your collection ASAP.

    Devotees will recall we included "O.N.E." in Mixtape 43, and complained about not being technically able to include it in Mixtape 46. If I had my way, future Mixtape 48 would just be Odd Blood in its entirety. I hope it debuts on the Billboard 200 at number 1, chewing up Vampire Weekend, and spitting out Ke$ha.

    Anyway, "O.N.E." is a delightful jumble of sprightly laser noises and tribal drums. At one point it was the favorite off the album, but after a thousand listens or so, it is hard to imagine them as separate entities anymore. For now, you'll have to settle for just one of the pieces (get it? you get it).

    Odd Blood is out 2/9. -joe puglisi

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