The 10 Most Ridiculous Moments In Music In 2015
    • WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 09, 2015

    • Posted by: Vince Brigante

    Let's be real for a second; staying in the headlines isn't easy. It isn't just a matter of having the best music. If that were the case, Wilco would be a way bigger rock band than Coldplay. You've got to find ways to stand out from the crowd. And sometimes that means some really ridiculous stuff happens in popular music. Sinead O'Connor rips up a picture of the pope on SNL. Britney Spears shaves her head. Crazy s*** happens. And 2015 was no different. And so here are out top 10 most ridiculous moments in music from 2015.

    10. Drake vs. Meek Mill

    The beef that "ended Meek's career." There were so many memes that it was hard to keep count...all of which were uncontrollably hilarious. Perhaps Meek will never fully get his career back. Let's face it; Drake destroyed him. Badly. But what brings this to our list is the social media eruption it caused, and how crying-over-my-ex Drake managed to slam this hardbody rapper from Philly. One DJ said he played "Back to Back" in the club...17 times in a row. Now, that's ridiculous.

    9. Miley Cyrus' outfits at the VMA's

    Talk about scantily clad. Miley Cyrus had an array of over the top outfits, to literally covering barely over the top. Her new stoner persona made for quite an interesting television host. In some ways, she was funny. Seemingly in others, she was awful. But in all ways, she certainly isn't Hannah Montana anymore. The singer/attention-seeker wore multiple colorful and outlandish outfits. And then she wore nothing. Yeah, basically all night hosting the VMA's Cyrus wore virtually nothing. What we're trying to say is that Cryus lucked out so much other crazy shit happened otherwise, the girl with the Jay's on would have been holding a golden trophy for most ridiculous in 2015.

    8. Good Charlotte gets back together

    Who would have ever thought. 90's kids might have a heart-attack. Good Charlotte had a handful of pop-punk hits that people can still remember today. For a while, Good Charlotte were the "it" band. People could relate to their angsty lyrics, and if you had enough gel, you could probably get your hair like the band too. And on the topic, Benji Madden had leopard print hair. Would you ever forget a dude with leopard print hair? Probably not. Their return definitely caused a wave in the media. Not a tidal wave, but the lifeguards woke up for a second. We're not sure if anybody was really all that excited about the group reuniting, but it's pretty wild to think that some of our punkish heros from our middle school days are trying to get the ball rolling again.

    7. Odd Future's commercial for Mountain Dew

    These short skits are so ridiculous that it doesn't even make the top five of our list. We're still not exactly sure what any of the banned commercials mean. Criticized for extreme racism, and sheer stupidity, Mountain Dew pulled the ads. And rightfully so. Mountain Dew can't go from Sean White to a creepy goat from Tyler's imagination. This was certainly an oddity, even for the oddest of Odd Future.

    6. Lil Wayne tries to fight a referee at an anti-violence celebrity basketball game

    You can't make this up. Weezy gets in the face of a referee at a celebrity basketball game advocating against violence. I mean he does say "Rifles by the forts, and we shoot up courts." Might not have been the best rapper to invite, guys. [Sidenote: he's not referring to basketball courts in the song, but oh how appropriate.]

    5. Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake nail rap history on rap "Rap History Part Six"

    The dynamic duo. These two really do have a chemistry that is so transparent on the screen, it's hard for viewers not to laugh and smile. They cover everything from Wu-Tang to Fetty Wap to R. Kelly. Not a gimmick, just some quality gentleman with some quality skills. In a kick-ass way, these guys make it to the list.

    4. Ariana Grande licks doughnuts

    While we got everybody all turned on, let's talk about Ariana Grande licking on some doughnuts in a bakery, while slipping her tongue in one of her dancers' mouth as well. Followed by some sharp stabs at America, videos show Grande and friends licking doughnuts that were on display. We wonder if the next guy tasted a hint of pop star on his chocolate frosted with sprinkles. Shortly after, she smooches a guy who is reportedly one of her back-up dancers. Still confused by this, but it happened, and, shortly after, Grande apologized for her naughty behavior.

    3. Drake makes a face after Madonna kisses him

    Drake, come on now, buddy. It's not the same as one of of grandma's wet kisses on the cheek followed by a bag of old candy; t's the queen of pop; Madonna. Or weirdly, maybe it is the same...Anyway, after the incident Drake posted: "Don't misinterpret my shock!!! I got to make out with the queen Madonna and I feel *100 emoji* about that forever." So then why the face, Drake? Twitter blew up over the age difference, but we say to hell with 'em; Madonna tongue-wrestling Drake is some of the most ridiculous stuff to happen this year. It "could be big as Madonna"...

    2. Justin Bieber's dad tweets about Justin's penis

    Yeah, uhh, not really sure what to say. Apparently while Justin was enjoying some vacation, he decided to skinny dip and was flashed (get it?!) by the paparazzi. But Justin's dad's tweet reads: "What are you feeding that thing. #proud daddy. *crying face emoji*" Not sure how to interpret that. At all. And we don't want to try. But it's number two on our list because honestly, who in the hell says that?!

    [The tweet has been deleted so we can't embed it here but, yeah, that's messed up.]

    1. Kanye West's VMA Vanguard speech:

    Kanye. You get us every time. This speech truly defines ridiculous moments in music during 2015. But ridiculous in this case is somewhat interchangeable; it's subjective. In many ways this speech is so ridiculous that it's powerful. Kanye awkwardly apologizes again for crashing Taylor Swift's stage and alludes to the fact that he's a typical father who has conversations about types of juices at the grocery store. On the other hand, we're all kinda just like, "Huh?" Kanye is just one big "next episode trailer." Tune in next week; where your favorite character will...*Shows clip of character right before something dramatic happens*. And you're on your couch just like, " SHIT," because you know you're gonna tune in to see the next episode. That's Kanye. He's always just enough, but never enough at the same time. This epitomizes some of the shenanigans throughout 2015, and makes its way to number one on our list of ridiculousness. (Screw off, Rob Dyrdek.)

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