Drake And Diddy Apparently Brawled And No One Knows Exactly Why
    • TUESDAY, DECEMBER 09, 2014

    • Posted by: Austin Price

    The rap game seems to run on conflict. Each week is another rivalry and another pseudo-mythical reason for that conflict. This week the beef rests between Drake and Diddy, who got into a kerfuffle in the early hours of Monday morning at the LIV club in Miami while attending DJ Khaled's birthday.

    Reasons for the fight vary, as does the actual outcome: some sources, including Sam Sneak's twitter, suggest that Drake ended up in the hospital after the two started fighting over Diddy's longtime girlfriend Cassie, some suggests the fight wasn't a fight at all but a single punch thrown by Diddy over an argument concerning respect, while still others say it was a flat-out brawl caused by an argument about sampling.

    The real truth may never come to light, but until now you can rest assured: Drake and Diddy got in a tussle and sooner rather than later this is going to end up in a song or two or three somewhere.

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