The 25 Best Music Videos of 2013
    • MONDAY, DECEMBER 09, 2013

    • Posted by: Baeble Staff

    The year of 2013 was a memorable one in the music video world. While many adopted the shock and awe freedoms permitted by the internet, others exercised their creativity through the medium. Music videos are here to stay, and we can prove it through the 25 best of 2013:

    25. Justin Timberlake - "Suit and Tie"

    It's directed by David Fincher and features JT's literal slide back into the musical limelight.

    24. Rhye - "Open"

    Before surprising masses of crowds during festival season with the male singer mind-blow, Rhye caught attention with this lovey-dovey tune and its romantic music vid.

    23. Father John Misty - "I'm Writing a Novel"

    Father John Misty is modern folk's anti-hero and quite possibly its cool savior. "I'm Writing a Novel" off his debut Fear Fun gives us a glimpse into the maniac's mind with real-life footage.

    22. Disclosure - "When a Fire Starts to Burn"

    Evangelicals really know how to break it down when their releasing the demons of Disclosure.

    21. St. Lucia - "Elevate"

    St. Lucia says farewell to their Brooklyn neighborhood with an uplifting mosaic of its inhabitants.

    20. Polica - "Tiff"

    Watching Channy Leaneagh beat the living hell out of herself for under four minutes was more compelling and chilling than the entire series of Homeland.

    19. Toro y Moi - "Never Matter"

    Toro y Moi's funky tunes have no demographic barriers, as seen in the "Never Matter" video which captured real-life flea market shoppers dancing up a storm.

    18. David Bowie - "The Next Day"

    If a video pisses off the Catholic League, you know it did something right. Plus, David Bowie's "The Next Day" stars Gary Oldman and Marion Cotillard.

    17. Queens of the Stone Age - ...Like Clockwork Animated Short

    A 15-minute haunting epic to accompany an overall eerie album.

    16. Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. - "If You Didn't See Me (Than You Weren't On the Dance Floor)"

    The Detroit duo adopts some pretty quirky camouflage to deceive a few dense cops.

    15. Kodaline - "All I Want (Part 2)"

    The Irish group broke our hearts with the wolf-faced man in Part 1, and took it to another level in its 2013 follow-up.

    14. Pharrell Williams - "Happy"

    A condensed version of Pharrell's 24-hour music video captures famous and normal faces dancing through LA to 2013's most jovial tune. Just try to escape this ear worm.

    13. Foals - "Late Night"

    The NABIL-directed video for Holy Fire's slow-burning ballad takes us inside the seedy lives of a Russian nightclub's inhabitants.

    12. The National - "Graceless"

    Indie rock's most finely dressed gentlemen take a plunge and party hard, while still looking pretty damn dapper.

    11. Arcade Fire - "Afterlife"

    Arcade Fire's Reflektor single presents a story of a one-parent family and their mutual longing and shared dreams about a lost mother.

    10. Water Liars - "Wyoming"

    Our favorite Mississippi duo Water Liars pair their ominous blues tune with the visual of a very talented dancer. It presents us with an entirely different view of a pole dance routine; one that could never be viewed when accompanied by the Motley Crue norm.

    9. FIDLAR - "Cocaine"

    Nick Offerman (better known as Ron Swanson of Parks and Recreation) goes buck wild slugging 40's and pisses off an overpass and on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Hollywood sign, etc.

    8. Beach House - "Wishes"

    Eric Wareheim directs a high school pep rally starring a lip singing Ray Wise, bodacious cheerleaders, and a crowd of horse masks. It's bizarre and a perfect visual accompaniment to the somber song.

    7. Disclosure - "White Noise"

    Our earliest introduction to Brit-bro duo Disclosure came via this amazing video. We watch a Detroit security guard passing his days in abandoned buildings through bad ass dance moves.

    6. Phoenix - "Trying to Be Cool"

    The Creators Project affiliated piece takes us in a single shot through a playground of a prop-house.

    5. Atoms For Peace - "Ingenue"

    We all knew Thom Yorke could dance, but not until "Ingenue" had he shown us the modern art appeal of his moves.

    4. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - "Despair"

    It's the first and only music video ever filmed atop the Empire State Building.

    3. Wampire - "The Hearse"

    Wampire's speedy and sinister bass elevates in the 80s horror-toned story of a vicious glamour shot photographer.

    2. The National - "Sea of Love"

    Squeezed in a tiny room, the five members of The National thrash through Trouble Will Find Me's most uplifting tune, while a suited, little boy shreds an air guitar in front.

    1. Mumford and Sons - "Hopeless Wanderer"

    The final video from Mumford and Sons before their hiatus doesn't even feature a single band member. Instead, the video stars Ed Helms, Jason Sudeikis, Jason Bateman, and Will Forte, who over-embellish every criticism of the band.

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