Reddit Is Offering Free Crowdfunding Ad Space
    • MONDAY, DECEMBER 09, 2013

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    For those who are currently and/or plan to use crowdsourcing as a means to fund musical projects, reddit could be your source for success. The enormous and diverse social community recently announced that it will offer free ad space to deserving groups and projects. Although the plan targets entities like small businesses and non-profits, free space on Reddit is well worth any attempt. The first 250 inquiries deemed worthy will be given 100,000 impressions.

    The rules are simple:

    1. Create an ad using your reddit account:

    - You can choose "link" or "text". These work like organic reddit posts a link ad will link externally to your projects URL.
    - A text post will link to the comment section with your text sticked in a box at the top. The text box provides space for describing your project or including other information with your link. Fill out the two boxes, then click "next".
    - When you've done the above, and clicked "next", you will arrive at your dashboard.
    - Stop here! Don't set dates or pay.

    2. Email us (reddit) the link to your dashboard with the subject line: "Free Ad!"

    3. Lastly and VERY IMPORTANTLY in the email, give us a time frame when your project will run, so we can make sure your ad is live while people are still able to donate.

    According to the announcement's discussion forum, they unfortunately will not support any crowdfunding attempts to pay back college loan debt, but we couldn't find any music-related conflicts. And if you're unsuccessful, you can always make a run at the Crowdfunding sub-reddit. Good luck!

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