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    • THURSDAY, DECEMBER 09, 2010

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    If you like your Christmas music... er... disturbing, check out the Golden Filter's take on Psychic TV's "White Nights." I don't think I've ever heard lyrics about Santa Claus and sleigh bells sound quite so ominous, although the line "Santa Claus is checking his list/going over it twice/seeing who is naughty and who is nice" is actually lifted from the Rev. Jim Jones' death tape. In the more traditional Christmas spirit, the song is available to fans as a free gift - just enter your email address in the box at their website. I'd avoid the Kool-Aid, though.

    The Golden Filters' debut album, Voluspa, is out now on Rough Trade. In addition to the album, they also have a remix out of the Morning Benders' "Excuses," which you can download for free below.

    The Golden Filter Official Website
    The Golden Filter on Myspace

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