PC LOAD LETTER: firefox flash issue resolved
    • WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 09, 2009

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    PC LOAD LETTER is our forum for explaining technical troubles behind the scenes at Baeble. Or for smashing fax machines with baseball bats.

    For those of you who come to Baeble via Firefox on a Mac running OSX, you probably know that we've been experiencing some serious technical difficulties with flash. The simple version: Yesterday, Adobe finally fixed a bug in their Flash code that has been ruining Christmas (and every other day) for our players. The detailed story: The limit to the number of "Local Connections" in a version of Flash released a few months ago caused thousands (if not millions) of Flash Players in Firefox and on Macs running OSX to not work so good. Unfortunately, ours was one of them. We're innocent here folks! Ask a jury of our peers! Exhibit A: We don't have a full time engineering staff to retool everything. Exhibit B: we had to wait it out and wonder if Adobe would ever fix the bug. Exhibit C: Come on!

    But hey, that day has finally come! So for you and all your friends, and your mom, and whoever else uses our nifty music site, please upgrade to the latest version of Flash today! Things to know:

    • The newest version of the Flash software is Flash

    • Right Click on any Flash player and the click on "about Adobe Flash Player.." to see what version you have.

    • We're still friends, right? OK good.

    Get an update at the Adobe site.

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