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    • WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 09, 2009

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    Yes, we are fully aware the Surf City EP came out last year, but watching a great band re-trend on the interwebs is inspiring! These NZ kids made wonderfully fuzzy rock that was excellent at the (open bar) NZ showcase at CMJ, and again and again on our stereos.

    Australia/New Zealand is becoming a hot-spot for new bands (again?), including the wonderfully awkward freak-outs of Bang Bang Esche, and the pretty-pop of the multi-instrumental Bridezilla. But Surf City has their own brand of scuzzy that actually feels kind of LA-ish. One of the first tracks to surface and disseminate across the net was this one: "Dickshakers Union," a great little jingle which really nails what Surf City is all about; good times, moving your feet, and being almost totally unintelligible with their lyrics. At least we can gather from the title that the vulgarity typically found in NZ lyrics is ever-present. S*** on that, America.

    Surf City EP is out and has been long enough to anticipate we'll be seeing new material from the quartet sometime soon. In the meantime, enjoy the fuzzy tunes and pretend its a whole lot warmer than it really is today. Surfs up! -joe puglisi

    Note: The original name for the group was "Kill Surf City," so actually you should probably pretend surfing is dead and take up bowling or something less cowabunga-ish while listening. Just FYI (for your ironic-lifestyle).

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    MP3: Surf City - "Dickshakers Union" (Surf City EP)
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