• FRIDAY, DECEMBER 08, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    [Photo Credit: Nick Ferreiro]

    It's Friday guys, so you know it's time to party. We were already graced with a great Charli XCX single just in time for the weekend, and now we've got another one! Man, if you weren't planning on going out tonight, you sure are now. Alt-pop duo POWERS just released their new single "Georgie" and it is the ultimate song to listen to while you pre-game... And while you're at the main event... Probably not post-event though, it's a little too lit for that. The pop song has an infectious disco flare as singer/bassist Crista Ru gives us tons of attitude in her vocal delivery. The other half of the group, Mike Del Rio, produced a deafening drop that's bound to shake walls everywhere.

    While the band has still been making music, they're releases have been slowing down a bit due to Ru's cancer diagnosis earlier this summer. The duo shared a statement in a press release, "This experience with cancer has been exhausting, but it has also shined so much light and truth into our perspective as individuals and in our relationship. As people and as a band we've been hit with a rejuvenated sense of who we are, what we need to say, and how we are going to do it. 'Georgie' marks the end of an era for us. With this recent wave of emotion, there is a newfound purpose to tell our story as a new chapter in the coming year. We are releasing this as 'Thank You' to our amazingly supportive, patient fans."

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