Now Playing:  Knox Hamilton's Easy, Breezy NEXT Session
    • THURSDAY, DECEMBER 08, 2016

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    The origin story of Knox Hamilton's name is a pretty entertaining one. Founded by Boots and Cobo Copeland, the brothers spent their summers volunteering at a thrift shop in their hometown of Little Rock Arkansas. On one fateful day, they came across a yearbook from the 70s, and there, staring back at them was the most rock and roll looking dude ever. His name? Knox Hamilton.

    I'm not sure you could call the Copelands the most "rock and roll looking dudes ever." They're hip, amicable, young southerners who found the rest of their bandmates at their father's church (he's a pastor). If anything, the story speaks more to humor and fun-loving attitude that zips through their danceable brand of indie rock anthems. Having recently released an EP titled How's Your Mind and a flashy new single, "Washed Up Together", the band recently dropped in on Baeble HQ for a NEXT Session. While chatting with the band, Boots perfectly lined out the mission statement that guides Knox Hamilton along. "There's plenty of bad, dark stuff that goes on. We all go through it. It's inevitable in life. You can find other emotions in different bands, but Knox Hamilton is there for the sunny times to take you to the beach. It's carefree, sensible kind of pop."

    For this performance, the boys whittled that arena-ready sound down to the acoustic essentials, lightening the mood with the most happy-go-lucky instrument out there: the glockenspiel (you thought I was going to say the ukulele, didn't you?). These are easy, breezy presentations of their sound, and the band get into it. "It's always cool to take songs we've played night in and night out and reimagine them for an acoustic setting," guitarist Drew Buffington told us. "It's always a fun challenge."

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