Lana Del Rey Reveals Life In NYC Before She Was Famous
    • MONDAY, DECEMBER 08, 2014

    • Posted by: Aimee Curran

    Lana Del Rey has this thing about her that is so classically glamorous. Her perfect cat eye, pouty mouth, and tumbling waterfall of thick hair makes her stand out in a crowd and her music has kept fans hooked album after album.

    However, life of a busy and successful musician wasn't always the case as revealed in Galore magazine. Lana sat down with the mag and gave an honest account of her life living in NYC before she was selling out shows, performing on SNL, or having the media write about her every move.

    "I loved New York. When I was there it was almost my sole source of inspiration, more than any other man, writer or rapper, but its harder for me to get around now," she said.

    Now living in Los Angeles, Lana reflected on her normal starving artist routine and the treat she'd spend five dollars on to stay up all night.

    "I used to take late night walks over the Williamsburg Bridge, go to all the 24 hour diners with $5 and beg the waiters to let me stay all night in exchange for the purchase of one giant slice of chocolate cake.," she shared. "I would sit for hours and read about interesting people like Karl Lagerfeld and listen to books on tape by Tony Robins to keep me company. I would take the D train to Coney Island, take the D train back to the Bronx where I lived on Hughes Avenue." it just me, or is a little annoying that even her starving artist life sounds cool??

    You can read the entire interview over at Galore HERE.

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