Jonah Hill Shamed Drake's Rap Skills At VICE 20th Anniversary Party
    • MONDAY, DECEMBER 08, 2014

    • Posted by: Austin Price

    How was your Friday night out in the city? Interesting, I'd hope -- I swung by the MoMa with a few friends to take advantage of that whole "free admission" clause they've got on Fridays. I thought that was pretty snazzy, honestly, so I was maybe a little disappointed when I discovered that VICE Magazine hosted a 20th anniversary party on Friday that made my little jaunt look positively pitiful by comparison. I guess when you're one of the hippest, heppest and "youthful magazines" on the planet, you don't celebrate turning a fifth of a century old without a bit of fanfare.

    To that end VICE assembled a roster of artists you probably won't be finding anywhere else ever again. While some sounded a tad passe' -- can we all admit that we're getting tired of Lil Wayne? Please? -- others warranted a double-take: performances by Stephen Malkmus, Jarvis Cocker and Ghostface Killah would be worth the price of admission on their own, but together? There were also a few novelty acts -- Jonah Hill covering Drake, Pussy Riot (because how could VICE claim they were politically astute if they didn't invite Pussy Riot to perform?) covering Le Tigre's "Deceptacon," Scarlet Johansoon with "Bizarre Love Triangle" -- but the quality of it all remains hard to judge: what little video evidence there is is really grain right now.

    All we've really got to go on for the moment is this low-quality clip of Jonah Hill rapping out "Marvin's Room" below and a partial set-list (as pictured above). VICE has promised they'll be putting cleaned-up, professionally edited videos on their youtube channel soon, so keep an eye open. And one day, maybe one day, we'll all be cool enough to be invited to one of these things, too.

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