late night: r. kelly
    • WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 08, 2010

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    R. Kelly made the first of his two scheduled appearances on Jimmy Fallon last night. There wasn't a performance of "Trapped in the Closet," but he did preview a song from his forthcoming album Love Letter. The Grammy-nominated tune, entitled "When a Woman Loves," is broken into three sections: a slow one, the dramatic ending to said section, and a fast one.

    Our usual source for the video embed, The Audio Perv, seems to be having issues (their video kept leading me to the pre-order page for Love Letter... IT'S A TRAP!), and youtube posts are dropping like flies due to copyright claims, but we'll have video of the performance as soon as we can.

    Love Letter releases December 14th. The album will be a tribute to soul greats like Sam Cooke and Marvin Gaye, so it should be interesting, especially if "When A Woman Loves" is any indication. Meanwhile, stay tuned for more R. Kelly on Fallon tomorrow night... maybe we'll get a performance of "Trapped in the Closet" after all. -peter menniti

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