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    • WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 08, 2010

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    Terms like "indie-pop", "twee", and "Canadian" have kind of become the 2010 signifiers of tofu music, the modern "generic independent rock band". Toronto's Wildlife could accurately be called any of these things, but the work they put in here deserves much better than a lazy pigeonhole. They've expanded their mostly (and wrongfully) overlooked EP of the same name into a full length record, magnifying their buyount, sponge-y energy to a massive success. And whereas the EP felt like a tease, the full length Strike Hard Young Diamond allows the band a more dynamic, fully-formed platform for their songs to thematically expand and settle. It may be late in the game, but these twelve tracks feel like one of the most memorable finds of the entire year, channeling the stomp-pop of contemporaries like Wolf Parade, mixed with the quirk of bands like the Harlem Shakes.

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    MP3: "Stand In The Water"
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