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    • TUESDAY, DECEMBER 08, 2009

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    We debuted our interview with rapper P.O.S. earlier today, and got some incredible insight into the artist and his passion. However, most of the crew immedietely realized we forgot to ask him an important question: what does P.O.S. stand for, anyway? Take your best guess right now! The results after the jump!

    Got any good ones?* Our guesses were pretty close, with a few people hitting it on the head (kind of). One quick, efficient checking of a reputable source Wikipedia search later, we had an answer.

    "In high school, Alexander and his friends played punk shows in a band called "Om," in which he first came to be referred to as "Pissed Off Stef." The abbreviation has taken on various and indefinite meanings including, "Product of Society," "Promise of Stress," "Promise of Skill," "Plain Ole Stefon," and "Piece of S***" [via Wikipedia]

    So there you have it. An acronym with many meanings, but most importantly, one commonly used expression of vulgarity and angst. Rap music! -joe puglisi

    50 Points if you guessed "Pissed Off Stef"
    25 Points if you guessed "Product Of Society"
    10 Points if you guessed "Piece of S***"
    0 Points if you guessed "Point Of Sale"
    -100 points if you guessed "Polycystic Ovary Syndrome" (nerd!)

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