• FRIDAY, DECEMBER 08, 2006

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    As we walked to work this morning, we realized two things before the weather froze our brain:

    (1) Manhattan turns into a mean, arctic world when it’s nineteen degrees outside
    (2) You can’t walk anywhere without seeing posters for the upcoming Taylor Hicks album

    Which is worse? We don’t know. But at least it’s not Ace Young who’s being plastered all over the city. That would just be too much. Not like we watch American Idol or anything...

    ANYWAY, Taylor Hicks has released two albums in the past, and this will be his first as a reality TV superstar. The self-titled record boasts a slickly calculated sound (producer Matt Serletic is a two-time Grammy winner), a well-timed release (it’s Christmas season), and an established audience (over thirty-six million viewers watched the finale of American Idol this year). It’d be a waste of time to question whether or not Hicks’ post-Idol debut will sell well. The real question is whether or not Taylor Hicks can authentically act like a soul-singing bluesman after receiving the reality TV treatment. Does anyone really have a right to sing the blues if they’ve been hugged by Paula Abdul and pampered by stylists?

    Not like we watch American Idol or anything...

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