Kiki and Indy's Music Crush: Emerging Pop Singer CYN
    • THURSDAY, DECEMBER 07, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    This may have been the first on-screen interview ever for emerging pop singer CYN, but you would never know it. After signing to Katy Perry's label, Unsub Records, and releasing a couple of amazing singles, CYN stopped by the Baeble Studio to talk to WTF Weekly's very own Kiki and Indy about it all. We threw in some curve balls by asking the singer if she liked the music of Perry's rival, Taylor Swift, and if she believed in God (okay, crazy question, I know, but it makes more sense when you watch, and also, this is Kiki and Indy she's talking to!). She answered each whacky question perfectly though, as if she was born doing press. And that right there ladies and gentlemen, is the quality of a star.

    In addition to amazing interview skills, CYN was also just a really fun guest to have. The three of us gushed over slang words and girl crushes as well as deeper things like the making of her incredible electro-pop single "Only With You." The singer also shared her thoughts on the relatable struggle of being told "no" as a young artist.

    With excellent music and a bubbly personality to match, CYN is our ultimate music crush!

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