• THURSDAY, DECEMBER 07, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    Today we're premiering the new Christmas song from Charleston, South Carolina-based band SUSTO, called "RIP Santa." Musically, the song plays in the same country-rock style as the songs we heard on the band's recently released album & I'm Fine Today. It's so calming and warm, we'll probably be listening to this song way after the holiday season.

    Band leader Justin Osborne told Baeble the story behind the song, "Last year, it was Christmas Eve and we had just come home from a solid year of touring. My then girlfriend, now fiancé, and I were having her family over for dinner. While she cooked, I stayed out of her way (per her request) and retreated to my studio room. I began to reflect on the year behind me, the year ahead (& I'm Fine Today would be released in January), and the whole spirit of being back home for the holidays. I wrote a handful of songs in about an hour, a couple of which may end up on the next SUSTO album, but one was completely a Christmas song. It's a holiday song, but it's true to form with our signature lighthearted darkness … or whatever you'd like to call it..."

    "It's imagining that you've just come home from tour — excited for the holidays — only to find out that Santa has passed away. This turns into a celebration of life type of thing. I'm not really sure where this song and the story came from in my head. But, after writing it, I realized that I enjoyed it and decided that we should try to have it recorded in time for Christmas 2017. So, that's what we did. I'm glad that a year later, after another solid year on the road, we are able to share this with everyone."

    Watch our Baeble NEXT Session with SUSTO Now:

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