KNOW WHO'S NEXT: Put a Smile On Your Face with Knox Hamilton
    • WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 07, 2016

    • Posted by: Nick Chow

    Music, like other art forms, is how we express ourselves. If we're feeling angry, sad, lost, nostalgic, whatever, there's music for us to express those feelings with. With that being said, it sometimes takes an entirely different skill set to write happy music. We usually don't have the need to express ourselves when we're happy because there's nothing for us to get off our chest. We aren't hurting, we're just... content. Obviously, there's music to listen to when you're in an upbeat mood, but they tend to struggle with being cheesy and forgettable. Thankfully, we have bands like Knox Hamilton who know how to keep us genuinely happy and how to sound good doing it.

    Knox Hamilton is an indie pop group from Little Rock, Arkansas and their main goal is to give the world something to smile about in times of trouble. I would normally roll my eyes at that statement, being the cynical millennial I am, but it's hard to poke fun at someone's goals when they're absolutely crushing them. They're upbeat, but they're not obnoxious about it. They're relaxing and laid back, but they won't put you to sleep. Their new single "Washed Up Together" is full of catchy bass lines, feel-good melodies, and kind messages that won't fail to get you in a good mood. Seriously, listening to lead singer, Boots Copeland, tell me to "feel what I feel" puts a ridiculously large smile on my face. And that's the whole point.

    The reason why they're so successful at making happy music is because they understand what it takes to comfort someone. If you're trying to make someone smile, the last thing you do is demand them to smile. Similarly, you can't just write music that only says, "BE HAPPY." Knox Hamilton doesn't force happiness onto you. They promote it instead. They provide a warm and positive space for you to become happy in. Knox Hamilton is the perfect band to listen to when you need a pick-me-up.

    Take a listen to Knox Hamilton's new single "Washed Up Together" from their upcoming album The Heights. We also have an upcoming session with them, so keep your eyes peeled if you want to hear more.

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