HEY DOG LOVERS: She & Him's Video for 'Winter Wonderland' is a Pug Dream
    • WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 07, 2016

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    I'm not afraid to admit that I am a massive dog lady. My mother (shout out to you, mom!) and my friends constantly bug me about it, but I can't help it: Dogs are love. Dogs are life. So when I first laid eyes on She & Him's new video for their rendition of the classic "Winter Wonderland," my face lit up. My heart was filled with warmth. It's like I felt love for the very first time in my life. My roommates could clog up the shower drain with their hair and I could burn my avocado toast but none of that would ruin my day because I saw this video.

    The entire video is just pugs running around in festive costumes - fancy hats, bow ties, suits, scarves - you name it. They kind of look like little old people, but in the cutest possible way. Is that weird? Maybe. And in addition to the pugalicious pups, the video also features Zooey Deschanel's softly sweet voice - another factor that plays into making this video so great. The only question is... Can we get this on a 24-hour-long loop?

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