Fiona Apple Shares a New Anti-Trump Christmas Carol
    • WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 07, 2016

    • Posted by: Amy Tang

    Seems like Fiona Apple has delivered an early Christmas present to Donald Trump and let's just say... chestnuts aren't the only type of nuts that are getting roasted. In a short rendition (which you can find via Tumblr HERE parodied off of Nat King Cole's famous holiday classic "The Christmas Song," Apple croons to Trump about his sexual and racial allegations, making a point to emphasize her distaste by dramatically ripping up a picture of him. With lines like "Trump's nuts roasting on an open fire / as he keeps nipping at his foes" and "You'll cry creepy uncle / every time he arrives," it's no doubt that Apple has some pretty strong feelings about the president-elect.

    Can we also note how casual she looks doing this with a pair of glasses, her unkempt hair, and a dog barking in the background? She makes debuting a ballad look so easy! Watch the video and listen to the recording above.

    You can find the entire song including the lyrics via her Tumblr HERE.

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