Celebrating Dad-Art: 15 Christmas Light Shows Not to Miss
    • FRIDAY, DECEMBER 07, 2012

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    Art: The little lights...they aren't twinkling.
    Clark: I know, Art. Thanks for noticing.

    Whether it's a funny pattern mowed in your lawn or a collection of Halloween tombstones laden with inappropriate innuendo, somewhere along the way, you've experienced the beautiful stylings of "Dad-Art." The most infamous form of dadistentialism has to be the Christmas house lighting.

    Somewhere around late-November, after being stuck indoors for nearly a month, dads begin to experience early signs of Stockholm Syndrome. There's always one guy on the block that breaks before the others, and as soon as he does, it's a mad dash to out-glam his best buds. Recently, the competition has heated up as it has stretched well beyond your neighborhood walls via the power of Youtube. Somewhere along the way, a pioneering dad pimped his light show out with a little music, and the rest is history. We present to you our list of the most outrageous Christmas light spectaculars.

    Disclaimer: Seizure Warning

    Gangnam Style

    What says "Merry Christmas" better than K-pop? I dunno, everything?

    Dubstep Collection

    Who would have thought that a bunch of 40-year-old men would discover a valuable use of this "music." I'd label the artist on each, but it's too difficult to tell them apart. My Shazam literally exploded.




    Ever wonder why the little girl in your son's fifth grade class wears black lipstick and Iron Maiden t-shirts?


    Final Countdown

    Eye of the Tiger

    If you didn't notice, those two videos were of the same house. Both having songs that were made famous by 80s fight montages. His poor, poor son.

    Taylor Swift

    Was that flash a blown transformer? Nope, it was just all of Alex's friends running away.

    Colbert Report

    ...because his wife wouldn't let him use the Night Court theme music.

    Daft Punk

    Yeah, I guess it makes sense.




    Nice use of theatrics, but I think this guy has his holidays confused.

    Mister Sandman

    Does this song make anyone else uncomfortable?

    Star Trekin'


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