MP3: Dreamers of the Ghetto
    • WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 07, 2011

    • Posted by: Ed McGarrigle

    Dreamers of the Ghetto released their debut album Enemy/Lover back in October to some much deserved critical noise. The band is steeped in indie rock tradition, writing songs that feel close and intimate. Their sound, however, feels like it can hit the back seats of Giants Stadium with the force of a linebacker. The band encapsulates a lush, anthemic sound that calls back to big-rock acts (Springsteen, U2) while simultaneously creating a sense of closeness (Arcade Fire). Check out a couple of tracks off of Enemy/Lover below to see what we mean.

    "State of a Dream" kicks off with a basic drum beat and ominous guitars. Singer Luke Jones' voice is rough yet melodic, and it seems that the music is centered around that. This song, like other Dreamers' songs, is undeniably big. Organ riffs and almost dissonant guitar riffs pepper the landscape.

    "Tether" doesn't start off with the same immediacy as "State of a Dream." This one builds a bit slower and is more melodic sounding, not as gritty, but just as enveloping. The overlapping harmonies in the verses and chorus give the song a catchy coolness. Grab both songs below.

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    MP3: "State Of A Dream"
    MP3: "Tether"

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