Album Review: The Roots
    • WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 07, 2011

    • Posted by: Ed McGarrigle

    One should go into undun with some CliffsNotes, in case one is unaware or unclear of the musical endeavor they are about to undertake. The album is about a semi-fictionalized man named Redford Stephens who, despite his best efforts, can not escape the poverty and despair of inner-city life. He tries to escape by becoming and doing things he never wanted to do (street thug, drug dealer). His actions inevitably result in his death. This is his story, so be warned: don't listen to undun if you are in a weird mood. This album is as dark, tragic, and moody as they come. undun is a character study on what pushes a man to take such drastic actions when his back is pushed against a wall. But if you like music that makes you think, or hip-hop that is socially conscious and not just about how many cars someone drives, then listen on and enjoy.

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