official limewire release killed
    • TUESDAY, DECEMBER 07, 2010

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    The title pretty much says it all: the official, legitimate rework of Limewire's filesharing service, has been officially killed as of today. According to a statement given by the company to Digital Music News, "plans to bring our separate, legal music service to market have been cancelled" and "The beginning of 2011 will mark the closing of LimeWire's New York office and the cessation of business by LimeWire."

    It may be all over for the official version of Limewire, but it's far from over for the service as a whole: the "pirate version" of Limewire, designed by freelance programmers on their own time, hit the darker corners of the internet over a month ago (full story here, and has been spread by other file-sharing networks and fly-by-night websites ever since.

    So, what's the end result of this saga for the RIAA, who was behind the effort to close down Limewire? A new and improved version of the same product they tried to kill is still out there, but it no longer makes any bones (no pun intended) about its piratical leanings. Meanwhile, the official version is dead in the water a short couple months after it was announced. Great job, guys - keep at it, I think its totally working!

    Any time the RIAA wants to do something effective about filesharing, I'm ready to stop poking fun, but it looks like I've got a while to wait yet. - peter menniti

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