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    • TUESDAY, DECEMBER 07, 2010

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    Louisiana's Youth Sounds are producing some electro-pop songs that sound oh so grown up. The band is currently unsigned (someone get on that) but they have an EP out right now called The Bit Parts that is getting rave reviews all over the inter-web. The three songs that I have heard off their myspace are melancholy and moody yet peaceful and soothing. Have a listen for yourselves.

    Meaning behind their name? founding member Federico Mejia explained it like this: "There are important memories that we all have, that for some reason or another are tied to whatever music spoke to us the most at that particular time. Its always the music of our youth, past loves, past successes and past failures and thats what the name and our music encompasses. Works for me.

    Being that the band is currently unsigned, I have no news to report concerning upcoming releases, tours or anything in that department. Keep checking back for more news. -brendan mehan

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    Youth Sounds on Myspace

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