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    • MONDAY, DECEMBER 07, 2009

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    As if Monday wasn't already painful enough, you know, for just being Monday, we have more bad news from the world of Music; bus crashes, late musicians, cancelled tour dates, and the fact that the new Yeasayer album STILL isn't coming out until next year (despite our frequent prayers to higher powers). Put your coffee in the microwave and let's grit our teeth together.

    • Rivers Cuomo was hospitalized after his tour bus crashed. It seemed every major music media outlet was focused on Upstate New York, where Cuomo and his family were involved in a bus crash. From CNN:
      Glen, New York (CNN) The lead singer of the rock band Weezer was involved in a bus accident Sunday that left him and another passenger in an upstate New York hospital.

      Rivers Cuomo, 40, complained of rib pain and was transferred, along with one other passenger, to St. Mary's Hospital in Amsterdam, New York.

      Cuomo's wife, daughter, and a fifth passenger on the bus were uninjured. The bus was traveling from Toronto, Ontario, to Boston, Massachusetts, for a show Monday night at the Agganis Arena at Boston University.

      The accident occurred shortly after 7:30 a.m. Sunday, while the bus was traveling eastbound on the New York State Thruway near the city of Amsterdam, according to Sgt. Brian Dollard with the New York State Police.

      Say it aint so! Several tour dates have been cancelled.

    • Guitarist and former Pelt member Jack Rose passed away. The accomplished acoustic guitarist was 38. Earlier this year he signed with Thrill Jockey to release his tenth studio album Luck In The Valley in February. Beloved by many, Rose was an inspiration for guitarists everywhere. Thus it was easy to locate a nice tribute on Youtube [via Stereogum]:

    • Busta Rhymes was ordered to pay $75,000 to a man he assaulted with a water bottle. This one kind of explains itself. Rapper Busta Rhymes (real name Trevor Brown) got mad and splashed a fan backstage with water, and threw some bottles at him in 2003. Apparently, that means a big payout in 2009 dollars. [via The New York Times]

    It's OK Monday, we won't hold it against you. We've got a great Baeble week ahead, including the exciting conclusion of our Best Of Baeble '09 vote, so hurry and tell us what you think! Only three weeks or so until Christmas, when we can purge ourselves of those nasty holiday themed commercials. -joe puglisi

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