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    • MONDAY, DECEMBER 07, 2009

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    Cloud Cult's The Meaning Of 8 was perhaps the band's most successful album in their fifteenish years of eco-friendly music making. But the Minnesotans have many sides. Some bandwagon fans may be unfamiliar with 2004's Aurora Borealis, a more focused effort than previous works which would allow CC to become the band they are today. Stream the gritty "Breakfast With My Shadow" after the jump, as reissue details.

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    The double-disc reissue also includes 2003's They Live On The Sun, a more experimental, affected LP in the bands most prolific years. Band leader Craig Minowa was preoccupied with the sudden death of his toddler son, and the experimental existentialist, DIY aesthetic, and general melancholy can all be attributed to his tortured mind. Tragedy aside, fans of their later work would be hard pressed to ignore these two formative albums, released six months apart and now offered as a double-disc deal.

    Purchase the reissue here. -joe puglisi

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