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    • MONDAY, DECEMBER 07, 2009

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    Just over a year ago, from the ashes of the now defunct indie outfit Hockey Night, frontman Paul Sprangers and guitarist Scott Wells formed Free Energy. After collecting a few more bandmates and recording some demos, DFA records picked them up. That's right James Murphy's label for the disco inclined took a liking to this classic rock loving group of power rockers. While their debut album isn't due out until January, the EP Free Energy is a collection of the first few title tracks that the band has been riding since the summer. It's heavily influenced by the late 70's early 80's classic rock of bands like Tom Petty, AC/DC, and Thin Lizzy, you know fun, road trip inspiring tunes. Hey, they don't call it classic rock for nothing right?

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    MP3: Free Energy - "Dream City" (Free Energy EP)
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