Out and About: Caveman at the Bowery Ballroom
    • FRIDAY, DECEMBER 06, 2013

    • Posted by: Stephanie Orentas

    As Caveman took the stage last night at the Bowery Ballroom, the venue shook with applause and cheer. It was obvious how much love occupied the room once they began playing their first tune of the night, "A Country's King of Dreams" from their first album Coco Beware (2011). The stage was adorned with Christmas Trees and presents, a celebration of the holidays, but also a call to their first days as a band. Singer Matthew Iwanusa recalled memories of writing their first song, brought old friends out to jam, and never stopped letting the audience know how appreciative they felt for the overwhelming support that night.

    The constant exchange of smiles and flawless synch between the five members created the distinct Caveman vibe that packed the house. The Brooklyn band grooved through an almost two hour set that made it impossible to stop swaying to the dreamy melodies. Their latest self-titled album shows how they have come together as a musical collective and it shows on stage.

    Watch Caveman perform live at Hype Hotel:

    Watch the full video at Baeblemusic.com

    Check out the full album here.

    Set list:
    A Country's King of Dreams
    Where's The Time
    Shut You Down
    I See You
    Easy Water
    December 28th
    My Time
    Vampire/Old Friend
    Great Life
    Over My Head
    In The City
    I'm On Fire (Cover)
    Big Push
    Stranger to Suffer

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