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    • FRIDAY, DECEMBER 06, 2013

    • Posted by: Anton Barcelo

    Holograms, the Swedish punk band, has had a hell of a year. After recording their first demo and immediately getting signed by Captured Tracks, Andreas Lagerstrm, Anton Strandberg, Filip Spetze, and Anton Spetze of Holograms have been taking advantage of the hype, touring constantly and recording two albums. This week, they embark on a tour of North America. On Friday, December 6, Holograms will perform at 285 Kent in Brooklyn, NY. We spoke to the keyboardist Filip Spetze via Skype, as he and the band were packing up the van in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

    What are you guys doing in North Carolina?

    Our tour manager, Hoppie, lives here. We've spent a few days getting everything ready, buying some equipment and stuff. Tomorrow we're leaving for D.C.

    Tell me about the new video for "Luminous."

    My brother Anton wrote the song. He says it's about 'attempts to acquire happiness through substances.' He also filmed the video, just walked around in Stockholm for two weeks a while back and recorded everyday events. Like, he went to the other Anton's [Strandberg, the drummer] soccer practice and harassed him. The live clips are from a show at the office building where I used to work. Did you see the guy showing his dick in the end?

    We must have missed that detail. You've had an enormous amount of success in the last two years. Do you ever lie in bed and just think about that?

    It is hard to get a grip on everything that has happened to us. I don't really understand it yet; it has gone so fast. But no, I don't lie around and think about it. We have achieved much more than we set out to do - we have been on two U.S. tours and five European tours, and recorded two albums - but I guess there is always more things to do. Maybe we'll conquer Sweden next?

    Have the Swedes not yet caught on?

    No, Sweden is usually slow to recognize its own. You gotta be featured on the American and British blogs in order for anyone to care. But it doesn't matter to us; we get to go on tour in the U.S., so who cares? We're thinking about going to Japan and Australia next year, too.

    How did Holograms start out?

    Oh, it was just like starting any other band. We've been in so many bands before. The other day I went on MySpace, and I found pages of bands I'd forgotten I was even in! But with Holograms, the idea was basically to play punk and feature the synths that I play, the Korg MS-10 and the Juno 60. After we sent our first video, "ABC City," to the Captured Tracks label and they signed us, the ball started rolling.

    Watch Holograms' new video, "Luminous," below.

    The band's North American tour schedule can be found on

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