Tweet Beef: The Avalanches Disapprove Of Bon Iver
    • TUESDAY, DECEMBER 06, 2011

    • Posted by: Ed McGarrigle

    This one requires a little back story: last week, after the Grammy nominations were released and Bon Iver was nominated for four awards, the New York Times released a months old interview featuring Justin Vernon talking about how the award was essentially worthless. He has since said that he is honored to be nominated but stands by his original sentiments.

    In between bashing music awards and then being nominated for them, Bon Iver has become a spokes-band for Bushmills whiskey along with other musicians such as Chromeo and rapper Theophilus London. Lastly, The Avalanches are an electronic band who released a critically acclaimed album, Since I Left You, more than ten years ago, and they apparently don't approve of Vernon's statements or actions. It's a Twitter fight now, son!

    Today, the Avalanches took to their Twitter* to criticize Vernon for his support of whiskey and damnation of music awards, saying "a musician's 'art is compromised' if he/she desires a grammy..but endor$ing a product with proven devastating health risks is ok?" To which Justin Vernon replied, "talk about 'desire.' do you drink whiskey?" The Avalanches then responded "actually vodka is more my thing, but this aint no rock n roll pissing contest. i have seen alcohol destroy many families ... including my own.. and you are making money off this shit . dont try and justify it." The two have since said that they were not picking fights with each other and have agreed to bury the hatchet by grabbing a beer with none other than The Roots drummer ?uestlove.** Hey guys, I hate the Grammys and like whiskey, too, but understand that reckless consumption can lead to tragic results. Can I come?

    *Is it just me or is Twitter to celebrities what a comments section on a blog is to everyone else? Is it just a place for famous people to troll and complain about what everyone else is doing?

    **Dude is like the UN of Twitter.

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