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    • MONDAY, DECEMBER 06, 2010

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    UK's Los Campesinos! are giving away "Too Many Flesh Suppers". The song is the B-side to their Romance is Boring 7" and they want everyone to get a second chance to hear it because, according to the band, no body bought it the first time around. Members of the band have also said that this is one of their favorite tracks that they have ever recorded, but it sadly didn't fit with the rest of their latest album, Romance is Boring, so they left it on the cutting room floor. Here it is now, taped back together.

    In other news, Los Campesinos apparently have a little something something new coming out but don't wish to tell us what it is. All they're giving us is the picture that can be seen here. Being that it has a picture of Missouri and I'm from Missouri, I'm already sold. - brendan mehan

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