Melanie Martinez's Shocking Video for 'Mrs. Potato Head' Will Make You Think Twice About Plastic Surgery
    • MONDAY, DECEMBER 05, 2016

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    Surgical incisions, facial carvings, and limp plumps inspired by bee stings: these are all things we dream of, right ladies?

    Starting out with baby Melanie Martinez in a decrepit room, crying and watching a TV commercial that's telling her how to be beautiful, she runs into the bathroom, cries even harder, applies more makeup and stuffs her bra. Then we see another woman enter who seems to be in a relationship with a man who tells her to get surgery. She willingly goes into the surgery already notably beautiful and after a few bloody cuts and gory body parts (warning), comes out looking like rubbery, melted piece of plastic. And in the end her boyfriend, whom she did it for, left her for another woman! Although the main message is to love yourself, not to shame plastic surgery, I'm pretty positive I'm never getting any needles to the face after watching this horrible tragedy. "Don't be dramatic it's only some plastic / No one will love you if you're unattractive," Martinez sarcastically chants, bringin' the realness.

    Martinez promised her fans that she would release a visual for every song off her album Cry Baby and she's getting close to the finish line. The compelling "Mrs. Potato Head" is her 12th video from the record, conceived and directed by Martinez herself. She recently told Vogue, "(it's) about feeling the need to change how you look to fit a certain standard, but the idea came from the visual of a 'Mrs. Potato Head' and how you can pull apart the pieces and change her face, and how that couples with plastic surgery. When I wrote that song, I was going through a lot of personal insecurities about how I looked, and it was a reminder that I'm beautiful the way that I am, naturally, even when I don't feel like it. I wanted that to be the message for other women, as well, who are struggling with the same thing... there are still people in the world who need songs to connect to and help them with their everyday battles."

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