The 10 Best Theme Songs From Your Favorite Childhood TV Shows
    • MONDAY, DECEMBER 04, 2017

    • Posted by: Rachael Morrow

    We all had our absolute favorite TV shows as kids, the ones where we would rush home from school or get up extra early just to watch. Some remain lost in our memories of childhood, while others still follow us until this day. There is no denying that our dearest programs had something special that kept us coming back for more. One such thing was the theme song. We all subconsciously memorized the opening tracks to almost every TV show we ever watched, hence why we still remember them twenty-something years later. Here is a list of some of the best theme songs, from some of the best shows, to bring you some of the best nostalgia you've had in awhile.

    1. SpongeBob SquarePants

    This is probably one of the most iconic children's shows of our generation -- absolutely everybody watched this. The moment that pirate face appeared on screen we knew what time it was. The kids voices were really just our voices screaming at the TV "SpongeBob SquarePants!" and finally attempting to whistle the flute notes at the end of the song, but failing miserably because what five year old can actually whistle?

    2. Angela Anaconda

    For all the poor Angela's out there who got teased and sung at, this song is probably not a fond memory. But for those of us who don't hold this namesake, this theme song was a hit! We would always sing with disappointment at "Oh no it's ninnie poo," the villain of the show who just seemed to ruin everything, but we'd sing it to show our support for Angela. The opening credits for this show were just as good as the show itself, summing up all the idiosyncrasies that made Angela Anaconda a classic.

    3. Pokémon

    Another classic, this theme became another generation-changing song. There was not one person who didn't watch Pokémon or at least attempt to catch one during that whole Pokémon Go phase. The strong 80's sound made it easy to sing along to. It's empowering in every way, getting you all revved up for the episode, not knowing what new Pokémon was going to make an appearance and what new adventure you were about to be taken on.

    4. Powerpuff Girls

    Not the typical opening theme song for a TV show, but one of the best nonetheless. The introduction about the girls being created from "sugar, spice, and everything nice" is what makes this quirky and atypical. This show especially held a special place in the hearts of anyone who had two other siblings. Everyone picked out which Powerpuff Girl they were, and for silly reasons too. I was Buttercup just because I had short black hair.

    5. Arthur

    This song is continuously referenced today. Any time someone says "what a wonderful day" or "walking down the street" will suddenly feel the urge to sing this song in its entirety. The final scene of the opening sequence with Arthur sitting inside the TV is all I ever remember of the visuals and of course the last "Hey DW" has become iconic, with clothing brands jumping on the bandwagon.

    6. Fairly Odd Parents

    This was the theme song that everyone would sing along to, being so confident in their abilities to memorize silly lyrics. It would eventually lead into competitions on who memorized the most lyrics, competing in singing battles to win the title of "Person Who Knows The Whole Fairly Odd Parents Theme Song," or something along those lines. It became something of pure fun without limitations on the imagination, the very sign of the perfect kids show.

    7. Round The Twist

    Another classic, and another track that has surpassed the decades. With the crazy shenanigans that occurred throughout the show constantly getting weirder, the song remained the solid rock that kept us coming back. There is not one Australian millennial who doesn't know and love this song, of any other children's program this was by far the most influential for our generation, in Australia at least.

    8. Bear In The Big Blue House

    Our favorite big bear and his big blue house! It had this certain jazzy feel to the song, with the saxophone being the main source of melody along with the singing puppets. His cuddly appearance and singing abilities just made us fall in love with his cuteness, everyone wanted their own big bear to hang out with.

    9. Sailor Moon

    Although obviously dubbed in English, Sailor Moon maintained its status as an inspirational girlhood program. Yet again in my household, we would each decide on which character we were going to play in our Sailor Moon games, as I'm sure every other girl and her sisters and friends did. I was Sailor Mercury, again due to my short hair. The arguments over who got to be Sailor Moon were too heated, so the higher power of my mother decided none of us were ever allowed to be her. It fixed our fights, but I still feel a certain part missing for not getting to play the one and only Sailor Moon.

    10. Kim Possible

    This song is a hit all on it's own, it didn't need the show to make it a catchy track, but the fact that it's associated with Kim Possible makes it even better. Christina Milian gave this track a modern touch, making it more relatable to the pop music of the time. You were cool if you watched the show, and cooler if you listened to the theme song.

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