A Silent Film Hit The Sweet Spot
    • FRIDAY, DECEMBER 04, 2015

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    A Silent Film are a UK outfit with an massive sound. This past October, the band released their third album; a glassy, synth-inspired, self-titled affair that dabbles ever so gently in the 80s and pairs shout-along choruses along with exceptional lyrical emotion. In terms of sound, the Oxford outfit is probably best compared to Brandon Flowers' mighty Killers in terms of ambition. A Silent Film, the album, is packed with songs built for road trips, hazy late night sing-alongs, massive moments at summer festivals, and (hopefully one day soon) epic nights at arenas around the world. The band is probably not quite there, but they could be...soon. In short, we believe in A Silent Film and so should you.

    After premiering the band's incredibly cool interactive video for "Lightening Strike" earlier this Fall, we were psyched when the band tore our freakin' hearts out when they graced our office with their gorgeous performances of "Something To Believe In", "Lightening Strike", and "Where Snowbirds Have Flown". In addition to capturing a trio of songs, we also had the chance to share some conversation with A Silent Film's two bandleaders; Robert Stevenson and Spencer Walker.

    A Silent Film In Session

    "We've gotten to the point where this feels like the real essence of all that we've learned," Robert told us during the band's visit. For the band that education has been primarily honed on the road over the last few years. When asked where they hang their hats (Oxford England), the duo joked, "in the back of a tour van." Since releasing their sophomore album Sand & Snow in 2012, the band has logged serious hours chasing shows around Europe and America, mastering their songwriting, their performance, and overall comfort with the blue-collar touring lifestyle. They've been working hard and building to a moment like the release of this record for 2 plus years. When reflecting on its' importance, Robert surmises, "Our future's going to come from this record."

    And it should. A Silent Film is virtually flawless, ebbing and flowing perfectly from one track to the next. There are anthems, slow-burners, emotional ballads, a few instances of delicious, rock and roll drama; everything you could ask for out of a modern band. "We wanted to make an album where there is color and variety," Spencer explained. "We don't ever aim to make records with very similar start-to-finish vibes. We like really diverse, weird records." From our perspective, picking a favorite track is not easy...it changes with every listen. At press time, it's currently "I Don't Need A Reason" that's hitting the sweet spot; a beautiful, glassy ballad that feels like diving into a warm, aqua colored pool of seawater. Next week, it'll probably be a song like "Chinese Lanterns".

    In short, A Silent Film's latest is an album we think you'll adore; the kind of gratifying listen that connects instantly, taking up residence next to life's most precious moments. "We hope that our music has meaning to people," Robert affirms. "That's certainly something we set out to do. We don't want to be part of a fad or just a band that is cool to like. We want to be a band that actually means something to people. And I think that's something we achieve."

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